To the hostel belong three sleepingrooms according to boys and girls, a kitchen and a dining hall. All rooms are lightet out with solar panels.

The 94 boys and girls, currently staying at the hostel, come from the many little villages along the pass of Shingo-La. Some walk several days to reach the school in march and their homes again in october. Water for the dishes and for everything else is available in the freezing creek outside the hostel. Responsible for fare and supervision of the 94 intern pupils are the cooks Tsering Chosphel, Tenzin Chosphel and Tsering Chotar as well as the irreplaceable caretakers Stanzin Thupten and Tsewang Lobsang.

The two caretakers sedulously work here and there and patch all sorts of things with a wire and a rusty pair of scissors.

Day after day the cooks get up at 3.00 a.m. to prepare tea and meals for 94 children on a wooden stove and a kerosene cooker. Mostly the traditional barleyflour Tsampa is worked up to different recipes, added with some vegetables and now and then some rice.

A lot of food for the internal pupils is importet from far away, for in the tough climate of Zanskar there is not too much growing from what a western organism would seem as to be a full out meal.

hostel essen
hostel essen