About 6000 people are living in Zanskar, in the majority self-supplying farmers and graziers. Because of heavy snowfalls Zanskar is isolated from the world outside during the six wintermonths. The generic standard of living is quite low: there are rarely roads suitabel for vehicles, neither water-, nor power supply, barely medicating in the western standard and almost no facilities that relieves the Zanskari people at their work.

The cultivation of barley, peas, cabbage and radish on the small terrace fields is throughout happening in manual work. During summer the cows has to be brought from one grazing ground to the next high up in the mountains, the clothes has to be washed in the glacier streams. Only three examples for the workintense daily routine, that builds the basis of existence for the Zanskari people.


Therefore the families depend on the assistance of their children, which may be one of the reasons for the high rate of analphabetism in Zanskar. Apart from that, the governmental education system in Zanskar is underdeveloped due to the isolated location of the villages.